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Dr. David Chave & Patient Drew Norman , web designer

General Dentistry – We provide a full range of services here at our office from: Cleaning, whitening, scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), fillings, sealants, replacing old worn out metal fillings, repairing broken or cracked teeth, crowns, veneers, bridges, partials, dentures, root canals, and extractions. We do what is in the best interest of our patients and although we try to do almost all procedures here, if it is felt that you need to see a specialist to best serve you, we will refer you to, and help you set up your appointment with the a great specialist to navigate you through your treatment quickly.

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  1. Bryant R Skipper

    Could you see if im in your records as having an extraction about ten years ago.. The assistant refered to the dentist as Dr Paul Its become time for another ten year extraction This is not a joke this was the only dentist I ever went to who was completly painless And this time its going to be several extractions I was refered there be our dentist dr Linscott due to me being on Lipitor..

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